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Who we are

Peak Codecraft believes that software development is a craft that requires continuous learning and coaching.  We provide teams with the guidance and practice they need to truly reach the highest level of effectiveness and skill.


Steve Ropa

Steve is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner who has over 30 years of experience as an agile developer and coach. He has a strong ability to move teams forward with flexibility, dynamism, knowledge, and creativity. Steve has experience in multiple industries including GIS systems, telecommunications, SAAS internet security solutions, and database/modeling solutions.

For the past three years, Steve has focused solely on providing technical and agile craftsmanship consulting to large teams delivering high quality, high-value software. He has assisted organizations in all aspects of standing up highly functional teams including helping to create a strategy around DevOps and CI/CD and coaching teams in planning, implementing and delivering high-quality software utilizing modern Agile practices and principles.

Steve has provided leadership, guidance, and coaching for teams that are either moving to Agile or merely want to reach a higher level of craftsmanship in their Agile shop. He has also helped organizations create and implement a vision and strategy for furthering their development practices and developed course material for training around technical and non-technical topics. Steve also enjoys working with senior leadership to help them understand how best to utilize the enhanced productivity provided by an Agile work environment.

Steve has been an active participant in the Agile community since 2000. He has presented at Agile and Software Development conferences around the world, including Agile 2014, 2016 and 2016.

Joe Gee

Joe is an experienced developer, coach, and technical leader with nearly 20 years coaching Agile development teams. His passion for the craft of software development has stretched from childhood into a lifelong professional practice. As co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild, it has been his focus and mission to grow programmers in the skills that distinguish the highest performing professionals and teams.


As a teenager, Joe built mathematical modeling systems, operating systems, and developed an early open source online multiplayer game with hundreds of daily players. Those projects created a passion for well-made software that led to a formal degree in Computer Science and Engineering and an internship building hardware controllers for city infrastructure.


Joe has built multiple large data enterprise platforms serving the world largest telecoms and financial organizations. While he enjoyed the distributed computing and artificial intelligence, he was closer to his core passion of supporting great software development when he was building software engineering and modeling tools that won two Jolt Cola awards.


His passion for effectively delivering well-made software lead him to be an early adopter and advocate for Extreme Programming and other Agile/Lean methods. In 2014, he co-founded the Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild with the mission of finding effective ways to help programmers grow in their abilities to deliver robust, reliable software effectively and sustainably. He has coached programmers in technical and planning skills at companies large and small including Bell Labs, Comcast, Pacific Gas and Electric and others.


Joe is a frequent speaker on Software Craftsmanship in the Denver area, including Mile High Agile, Agile Denver, and co-organizes the Rocky Mountain Software Craftsmanship group. He co-authored the book Agile Development and Business Goals released by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.


Joe received a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Colorado. He lives with his wife and 3 children in the Denver area. When he is not building software, he explores other forms of craftsmanship by building furniture in his woodshop.

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